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Freshreviews use to be a very good reviewer. But lately, he has been turning into a Z Reviews. Every few weeks there is a new IEM that is the best in his opinion, and moves it to the top of his wall hack list.

The Vulkan was his #1 pick maybe 3 months ago. It’s about to get knocked off of his list.

Not saying that your review is bad, or that these are bad, it’s more of a rant that he has fallen down that salesman reviewer hole.


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No one asked you to trust a developer, or a Reddit user. This thing called google can give you the answers you are looking for.

And there are in fact third party measurements. They are irrelevant though because they determined there is zero perceivable difference. The actual measured number is so insignificantly small, it isn’t even worth considering.

Why are you so defensive lol


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Your computer utilizes the drivers, not the game. So you are technically correct on that point. Though everything on steam is standardized (on windows at least) so this is a moot point.

I wouldn’t trust what developers say. They give unrealistic or biased information (obviously). Third party measurements are much more reliable.

Plus it’s Riot, they don’t have the greatest track record lol


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So you have the 2.5mm that plugs into the headphone, which terminates into a 3.5mm, and has a 6.3mm screw on adapter for other inputs. That’s exactly what you should get.

Are you complaining that you didn’t get the worse 6.3mm cable with a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter, which puts immense stress on more delicate 3.5mm jacks? What is the issue exactly?


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It took Tesla 17 years before they turned a profit. To this day they still lose money on every car they sell.

The only reason the are profitable is because they sell emissions credits. But once other manufacturers (like ford) figure out how to make EV’s like they do ICE’s, they will probably be back to where they were before.

Edit: they blocked me lmao


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Reply to True by Goldeneye07

Even longer. DT150’s have been around since the 60’s lol


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Official cable replacement doesn’t mean shit unless it’s something proprietary.

The OG aria cable is shit. If it breaks, get a third party one for $10-15 on amazon or aliexpress. Yes, they actually are significantly higher quality than the stock cable.

Chifi suffers from this. Even moondrops $300+ IEM’s have terrible cables. Hifiman makes $500+ headphones with awful cables.

You definitely do not want OEM replacements lol


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MW2’s audio engine is definitely an improvement in my experience. I don’t get the footstep behind me but player is somewhere else phenomenon.

Audio is something you can actually rely on now lol


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The difference is here is in a tournament setting, everyone is using the same shit, so there isn’t an advantage.

But outside of it you can definitely hear a difference. Not that the 800s is necessary, or even the best (better can be found cheaper).

But that doesn’t matter if you aren’t good enough to capitalize effectively and quickly on those sounds. But if you are good enough to do that then the headphone you use isn’t really as impactful.

This is a hobby though, so using the best will inevitably happen lol