llenfer t1_iz1n5gj wrote

I was a little kid when i saw a dead human for the first time. I mean, i always knew about how our bodies work, i knew we needed blood, but never thought about it.

Well, my family never had to kill anyone before. We were nobles, humans used to offer themselves for us, it was a tradition. Eventually, they decided to stop, not fight, but stop. Some of them ran away, others just started pretending we wasn't there. Slowly, we became isolated from the world. Segregated. Some humans started thinking vampires wasn't real.

A lot of vampires started killing people, hunting, searching for food in a old fashioned way, a way that my parents never knew. That's when everything started going wrong, we started having ideas, terrible ideas and good ones. We spent the last millenium having ideas, which ended up killing us in most of the time. Some vampires decided to steal dead bodies, a lot of wars happening out there, most of them died eventually from some kind of disease. Others would capture humans and make them "produce" blood, a sofisticated way to call "slavery". That's when the church started getting mad. They never cared for us, actually, sometimes they even gave us blood, we are god's childs too, after all. Well, when the rotten apples showed up, we became an enemy, devil's childs. Fuck, they even took our names out of the popes' book!

My family decided to play the human's game after the "stealing bodies" thing went off. First, we changed our names to look more humanly, my mother hated it, her whole mark was this Von Brandt thing. Then we moved to a big city, no one would search there, it was too obvious. And as a final act, everyone in the family started studying some part of the human culture, my father became a judge, it took some good decades of his life, nothing big for him. My brother followed his steps, and became a lawyer. My mother was bored, she didn't have to do anything, but started giving history lessons as a hobbie. I mean, she lived that. getting food was easy, we just had to, literally, ask. "Hey, we need some blood to... make some rituals", "Fine, just don't let the cops find out.", rich people stuff, never understood that. A lot of vampires did the same, most vampires dying was the poor ones, if we wasn't being chased i would like to make a great social research about it.

I went in a different way. My family worked with things they already understanded, so they would just have to adapt, i wanted something new, and started from the bottom, studying human anatomy and medicine, understanding the differences and similarities between our bodies.

My research started around the 30's, i wanted to know what they had that we didn't, and how to get it. After half century, i understood the reason why we needed blood. We had a crazy need of vitamin D, which you can get from a certain kind of food, but mostly from, surprisingly, the sun. The other thing i found out is that we also need some iron, but analyzing history, we can see that we didn't needed it a couple milleniums ago. Other thing is: Humans also need vitamin D, but they used to need a LOT more. My theory is, humans and vampires had different situations, we needed Vitamin D but the sun always hurt our skin, so we would wait for the night and search for food supplies, our race was entirely vegetarian. Humans, otherwise, needed a lot more of vitamin D, so when the sun wasn't out, they would sleep to keep their energy until the sun comes out again. The problem is, some humans would sleep more, some humans would sleep less, and eventually, they started adapting, but the vampires found out humans had a lot of that special thing they wanted, and this same humans was casually sleeping during a special part of the day, we took advantage of this fact and started drinking their blood. Female humans have a high birth rate, they can have multiple kids in a very little space of time, while vampires, even though they live for a lot of time, can only have two or three kids for their whole life. The conclusion is: We started killing them, but they kept growing in numbers, and their genes would be adapting to the lack of sunlight, but we wouldn't be adapting to the sun since we had free food in the night and never would go out during the day. The sun hurt, but it didn't used to kill, some of us would go out when needed before we began drinking human blood, now it hurts a lot more, even being lethal, and since we was constantly drinking their blood, full of iron, we became dependant. Basically, evolution fucked us up.

I've tried a lot of things, organ transplantation didn't go well, our bodies developed like this as a whole, we can't transplant a whole body. taking the iron and vitamin d supplies daily would be the best bet, but i coudn't find the right dose, and the balance between the two, i spent decades on this, and i think i found the best way to make it. We could take the Iron and Vitamin D supplies monthly or daily through pills. Monthly would be better but the recoil makes you go out for one day, daily is not as effective, but the effects just hit for 20 minutes. The problem is: We are just replacing the blood, not really changing nothing, we still can't see the sunlight.

That's why, after all this, i'm starting my new research: the same iron supplies, but a little less everytime, to slowly erase the dependance out of our bodies. The vitamin D would be through skin, disguised as a sun protector. This way, we are slowly adapting and preparing our bodies to get vitamin D through skin. Maybe, if everything goes right, in one or two milleniums we are going to be totally free!