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Yeah in order to actually form meaningful connections with other people, it would be much more productive to burn down the tree so you’d have a huge fire and call your neighbors to look at it because fire is cool. Then you’d also probably meet lots of friends in jail.


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He’s more on the “we got cheated” side like Trump. The current supreme courts were largely appointed by Lula’s party in the past and have taken some actually questionable action against Bolsonaro propaganda, which gave him ammunition to go back to a discourse of questioning the election. To be fair, before the courts acted to reduce his screen time and censor opposing media, he was turning the tables to win the election, so court action was pretty obviously politically motivated (and might have been worth it for the PT).

Rhetoric aside this is the only thing that is ACTUALLY at stake in this election, SC justice appointments: if Lula wins he’ll have full control of the top-level legal system again, if Bolsonaro wins he’ll have some control. Either will try to eliminate the other using this.


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Old Latin-American leftism is decidedly nationalist since it was essentially USSR-instigated hate on US capitalism, with a tinge of pan-Latin-Americanism and “Cuba is great”. After the USSR failed the Brazilian left in particular was left with decent funds and power but not much of an aim, and Lula made it into a more moderate center-left thing, with a go-ahead from financial markets, that was tame enough to actually get elected (and stayed in power for 16 years). BUT even he still has some of the anti-US revolutionary feel left lol