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I saw it as people identify that way because they get treated differently. They grew up in the same place but they are still viewed differently because of their race and not always seen as just “American,” unless I’m mistaken and you’re referring to people who try to refer themselves as just their nationality


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It’s just a label dude. It’s race + nationality. You wouldn’t call yourself just American within the US because there’s so many races within America, and in the end both play a role in your life.


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Song of September for me: Bodysync - Suenos Bravos [House, I think?] For a few days it was literally the only song I had playing. Catchy as hell and has this beachy island vibe that I personally haven’t seen paired with house that often. Their album/other work also has a lot of city pop influence which was a surprising.

And favorite recent release + the MV is fabulous: Bree Runway - THAT GIRL [House Rap/Ballroom]