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Personally I believe that plant sterols and phenols, fish oils do work. But I do not trust these companies that make supplements. You have no idea what quality is or even if you are actually getting anything at all. You want plant phenols and sterols and omegas? Go eat the veggies and grass feed lean beef and wild caught salmon. Oh and avocado is absolutely fantastic for you.


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It's not bad. I never ever said it was bad. You need protein as it is an essential part of the human diet and so is fat. But we don't need that much of it. Too much of the fats and red meat is proinflamatory. It's really about balance. A human cannot live in plants alone nor can they live on meat alone. The two work together. Plant sterols and phenols ant anti-inflammatory and they are also rich in stuff you can't get from meat. And you do need more of it.


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I think the studies how animal fats affect the human body have been around for some time and are sound. Essentially I'm saying it common knowledge and has been for a long time.

My mother-in-laws father was a neurologist back in 20s, 30s and 40s. When she was a child she could remember that her father would never allow them to eat fried foods or large amounts of animals fats like what you find in steak. It was lean meats a few times a week, fresh veggies and fresh fruits.