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Squirting is triggered relative to your stimulation and a full bladder feeling. Most things that aid a woman in squirting are the same things that make a woman feel her bladder is full. Pillow under the small of the back, pressure on the lower abdomen, stimulation relational to spot or bladder region. It's about being forced to have uncontrolled release and then the dopamine you get from it. It could happen in 20 seconds for some, but I absolutely hear ya, again IMO not a TIFU :P Don't worry about it!

It's more likely your panic system set in so you didn't get to enjoy it nearly as much as you can if you relax, just as with any erotic experience. If you don't relax and get into it it won't be the same. That said, be assured technically, you squirted. Maybe with a full bladder, so to you, it more just felt like pissing, but it's pretty normal, and some women will do it quite a lot to the point a waterproof bedcover is a norm. So don't feel shame or shy is my point. Even if it was piss, fuck it honestly lol; in the end, sex can be a bit messy squirting comes from the bladder if someone makes you orgasm hard, he is likely gonna make you squirt a little, just comes with the territory. That said this is gotten more "detailed" than I would like to risk on a Reddit post, and the only aim to inform and assure, my job is here done! ~Fin


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You are awesome man, keep being a good guy!

Here is what's important, did you respect her boundaries or did she give you ANY alert she was uncomfortable.

If you respected the boundaries set beforehand. (YES)and you didn't get any vibes she was uncomfortable (YES)Then you did nothing wrong and more than likely bonded with her. But again I don't speak for her, don't read into it, could be anything at the same time could be her into you, we don't know we do not mind read lolz. Advice in the above comment :P


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He is talking to reddit likely due to a lack of good friends. So be one.u/throwaway20029188818 This is going to come from the heart and be complex. Buckle in.

You are living in an age where exploring sexuality is VERY difficult as men are shamed to make any advances and YOUR MINDSET is VERY HEALTHY but a little over-reactive lol. Im actually proud to see a guy like you. I will be as clear as possible, NO you will not always get a YES do this, or YES xyz. Now, for anything more than what you did, just rephrase it with a, are you comfortable? Are you good? As long as you are GENUINE and your not pushing, THATS NORMAL!

Lastly, it's just a massage fr fr. In this context, be it her liking you or not, THATS a talk you should have with her openly. Or you could just play the cool dude, the choice is yours there is no "correct path" we all walked our own as we grew up. Just remember from the girls side, she doesn't want to have to explicitly say yes pls touch me. IT's this odd mix of comfort and in the moment. Most women want you to shut up at the start and then talk later, so it's just a matter of preference and stuff. And DEPENDING ON THE GIRL OR FRIENDS, I wouldn't even make it a dealio man. It was a massage, UNLESS you want it to be more, don't make it more in their minds lol OR you might find your social dynamics change QUICK! lol

In short if you want more, engage her and ask, if not, be a friend, who knows what she wanted or what cards she will play, just, you did well! Do not worry for what YOU have done! that was perfect lol. Maybe less self worry and talk, focus more on the girl if they are comfortable, than YOU if you are okay, but otherwise perfect lol!

Just my two cents from a 31 yr psychotherapist broski with a wife


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Actual medical article talking about squirting ^^^ and how it works ^^^ FOR CONTEXT before you read my message and act stupid lol.

For the girl learning her body. Squirting comes from your bladder. You will naturally piss/squirt in sex. And MOST MEN enjoy it. If they don't, they are boys and don't really respect ya yet. When you squirt like that as it comes from the bladder it might contain some urea and smell like piss, but it is NOT piss.That said always empty your bladder before and after sex if possible to avoid utis, and actually pissing on your partner lol.

Update: No, I do not have a piss fetish; while I enjoy a life of BDSM, I don't think projecting MY WANTS onto others would be appropriate, not that I even want that thing. Maybe perhaps you are just reading into something I was very clear about? I am an actual psychotherapist my peep, I just speak on health and shit. I am also autistic and have a wife, not looking to creep on random girls I don't know the age of. So maybe DON'T sexualize my comment? You are the one being a creep lol. Lastly:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25545022/#:~:text=Conclusions%3A%20The%20present%20data%20based,the%20emitted%20fluid%20often%20exists.

Since you don't know your shit ^ actual documentation because people are stupid. I might be an asshole but I do not project my sexuality, watch your own assumptions good sir lol.