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plug-n-charge is not a billing system and will not fix billing system issues.

plug-n-charge is directly analogous to the chip in modern credit cards. scanning the chip is not the payment processor. Visa, MasterCard, square, paypal etc still have to receive the payment data and process it. If you can't get your systems to reliability send payment data it does not matter if its a credit card or virtual chip in the car itself.

what is this 12.5% about?

How is it vendor lock in when your opening up?

locking Tesla out of the funds would do what for the US charging infrastructure?

Changing side mirrors to allow cameras was proposed years ago by many more companies then tesla. You could have filed a public comment on it till 2019 and since they they have just been drafting the actual standards for the rule change.



Sometime after march 2023 side mirrors will be replaceable with camera.

To summarize my points. Tesla opening up is great for the EV driver.

Tesla opening up is bad for other charging companies. They neither provide a better service, more service or a better experience. The EV funds being directed to the highways makes it even worse as thats where the majority of the charging companies' moneys are likely made.


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Last year's reliability statistics where pretty bad for all but Tesla.

I have never had a bad experience with the charging port on my Bolt EUV. Maybe the Bolts had an issue.

All of the announcements came out yesterday about the network opening officially. The Tesla website has been updated to include CCS compatible stations


Tesla has 4 or 5 EV chargers they designed to update and certify.

Electrify America has worked with more multiple vendors and multiple models. Read the issue from the own words.


I am thinking Tesla will work with everyone due to having to validate fewer combinations of systems.


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There is very little collaboration between those networks. A few do honor each other's payment systems, so you have one less membership to worry about but CCS. As for being able to charge any car. Those networks do a poor job validating their chargers with every car on the road. That comes down to which vendor they buy their chargers from and whom support them better.

As a Bolt driver I welcome access to the Tesla network. But that's because the other options are so bad and in some areas few an far between. When Tesla opens their network some of the other networks are going to find it very hard to compete, with Tesla taking there business.

EVgo will be fine they have been deploying Tesla connectors since 2019


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I have never heard of Tesla going to an exclusive agreement on charging stations. In NJ one turnpike rest stop will have Tesla the next rest stop will have EVGo or a different CCS network. I have been to many targes with both Tesla and another network. Wawa alternate between tesla and CCS or have both.

I do know walmart has an exclusive agreement with Electrify America.


When a site wants to deploy Tesla Destination chargers. Tesla always recommends they install one CCS if they are installing at least 6 Tesla ports.


The other thing about stations is it doesn't tell you how many ports. A typical Electrify America station has 2 150kw chargers and 2 350kw , 4 total. Tesla stations average 10 total chargers.

What you don't understand is just how many more Tesla chargers are deployed vs CCS. But it does make since when you realize 75% of all EV in the US Where Tesla's in 2022.

But I digress. This helps everyone except Electrify America. Non Tesla chargers are so unreliable. CCS drivers are going to flood to Tesla chargers. And since these chargers are on the most profitable spots on the highway. There going to cut into EA revenue like a axe.



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Elon is the CEO and owner of Twitter. When the Twitter office spaces are not being paid for its because Elon is not coming out of his own pockets to pay those bills.

Elon is the CEO but not the owner of Tesla. He is is a very large stake holder. Any bill Tesla pays or does not pay is part of Tesla's finances not Elons.

Tesla currently has 2 billion in debt down from 5.4 billion in 2021 which is also down from there peek debt which was 11.6 billion in 2019.

Say what you will about Elon. But Tesla has virtually no debt meaning their contractors are fully paid, and this has been true for 4 years.