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My husband is retired. He's in his mid-60's. He has a retirement account but is no longer contributing to it. I do not have one. I would like to start one, though, which is why I'm needing some guidance. I'm trying to provide as much info as I can while still maintaining some degree of anonymity on the internet. What other information do you guys need? I'll see what I can answer!


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I'm in the very middle of the US and I'm in my mid-30's. I started a savings account that my part time job check goes into. Gross base pay per month is $500. I'm using a lot of that to help my husband pay off his debt, but want to put at least $50 into a retirement or investment account. I plan to also use some of that to put into a HYSA for emergencies. The $50 was decided on because I easily blow that amount on stuff I don't need every month and would rather put it to good use.


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I agree, but here is my situation. Most of the debt is my husband's, who is SEVERAL years older than me. I am happy to help him pay off the debt, but want to start putting some money back for when he is eventually gone. I agree that I should help pay down debt first so I'm not stuck with that in the event he passes, but I also worry about loss of his income. I don't know if that makes sense. Still seems like I should pay the debt down first.