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I started automating my savings withdrawals from my paycheck. I have my job deposit $500/month into my HYSA so I never see it. I've never made a ton of money (and I still don't) so the idea of doing this was a little scary, but two things I've discovered: a) it really helped curb lifestyle creep because less money was hitting my checking. And b) boy did it feel good to log into my savings account at the end of the year and go "holy shit where did all that come from???"

If all goes well I'm going to try to up it next year.


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That's kind of how he was in Tucson. He always came off as a vapid politician more than a cop. Aloof, unapproachable, didn't seem super in tune with things but was still quick to throw officers under the bus under the guise of "accountability." I don't really know anything positive that he accomplished here.