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Are you trying to say the US incarceration system (that still uses the loophole to enslave people left in the 13th amendment, then sells the labor to private companies in states like Louisiana and Mississippi which undercuts local wages while the politicians in charge blame immigrants for stealing jobs) isn't set up to actually rehabilitate people?!!

But if we educated them and gave them the dorm rooms prisoners basically get in Sweden, they would figure out the system is against them and revolt. That's why they make sure free voters are just as dumb. Cut education, ban books, act like $15/hr is too much (even though my dad made $27/hr stocking shelves with a pension in 2011), and constantly do everything you can to manipulate the vote (with Wisconsin Republicans winning 5/8 majority with 1/3 of the votes last state election). Coincidentally why these same people hate "woke" people, because being woke is basically just being smart enough to figure out there are systemic inequalities and they should be fixed.


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Lmao, "it's cool this time guys, there was no waste."

Imagine the nerve of posting record profits and having to clean what seems to be one of these up every week, replacing the goods on there as well. Absolutely nuts how much they are exploiting workers for profits to be able to afford that shit this often.


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There was a housing act that created redlining that basically was enabled as soon as World war I was done. It was socialism to buy houses, but of course, it was also during a time of extremely overt racism.

Here's an entertaining John Oliver episode on it. Coincidentally it also covers the data on this graph.


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When anything becomes affordable, it instantly becomes unaffordable.

My rent with utilities is $2200/month in a cold drafty apartment 50 minutes from work.

A mortgage for a house 2 times the size of my apartment is less than the base rent of my apartment of $1600/month. I've been saving for years and going nowhere with debt. I'm 33, make almost 6 figures and I'll see a house when I'm 40, and it will be small as fuck.