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Not really related but I read a study that said Americans suffering from delusions, paranoia, and schizophrenia are unique in that they "see"/"hear" demons and are associated with negativity and stress whereas most other countries see or hear angels and aren't as negative, hateful, or angry.


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You're over hear calling me names. When I think we can both agree that we are trying to help people. When was the last time you warned a patient of the risk that they would bleed to death out of their asshole, a legitimate risk according to you. These conversations are good to have and increase knowledge to the patient. Why gloss over the real danger? Nobody is suing the doctors over this, you remain protected and shielded from liability.

So ugly and hateful. As though the thousands of people that died don't matter because "they are free to turn down blood thinners" if they want.

You have all this evidence in front of you showing that it DOES cause a lot of people pain and tragedy, yet you resort to name calling and hateful rhetoric.

The fact that some doctors would rather be hateful than accountable is exactly the reason I love my job. AGAIN I don't even sue the doctors, its the MANUFACTURERS a PRODUCTS LIABILITY CASE. But go ahead and call me the idiot.


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Actually, in the US, doctors rarely face legal consequences from prescription medication as its found the prescription manufacturer is usually at fault. For example, Pradaxa manufacturers knowingly hid data from doctors when saying it was a safe medication. So doctors can't be found liable when its the manufacturer thats lying to the doctors in the first place.


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" CONCLUSION - DOACs overall, apixaban, and dabigatran, but not rivaroxaban were associated with less total bleeding and death than warfarin in patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation at all levels of renal function. Renal function decline resulted in increased bleeding in patients with DOACs. DOAC dose adjustment was often indicated, associated with increased bleeding when not adjusted, emphasizing the need for closer monitoring in these patients."


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Wow just looked at your history. So you ARE one of the doctors that still prescribes this heinous product. Scary stuff. It would be great if doctors paid attention to this stuff instead of blindly listening to the pharma companies… but blindly listening to pharma companies is how you get to avoid medmal liability so I guess so long as you are protected it doesn’t matter how many patients die.

Your arrogance will be the cause of patients dying. The scientific proof is out there and available to the public.

Let me guess, you also told patients OxyContin was COMPLETELY non habit forming.


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Not sure why youre so argumentative. No Pradaxa and Xarelto are NOT the same as Warfarin and other anticoagulants. That’s why I specifically said “Pradaxa and Xarelto” as opposed to other medication. P and X do NOT respond to Vitamin K, a common medication prescribed to stop bleeds, that’s what P and X have an extremely high fatality rate. Further P and X cause spontaneous bleeds whereas Warfarin bleeds are usually caused by trauma, impact, or cuts/scratches.

Google P and X lawsuits and you’ll find thousands of wrongful death lawsuits (which the companies are paying out) google Warfarin lawsuits and you won’t find shit because it’s doesn’t cause death the same way P and X do.

Are you one of those doctors that still prescribe P and X despite knowing how dangerous and lethal they are? Or you just a Reddit user with no specialized knowledge on the topic and want to one up a stranger that actually knows what they are talking about.

How about this: I’ll keep warning people about the inherent, inevitable, and proven danger of P and X and you keep saying “and so?” Does that work for you?


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I worked at a law firm that had over 15,000 brain bleed clients that were prescribed those specific medications. When their spouses would go to the ER the doctors would tell them that due to the medications chances of survival were almost 0%.

The brain bleeds were nothing compared to the gastrointestinal bleeds where people would bleed to death THROUGH THEIR BUTTS often in their sleep. Spouses would wake up to a blood soaked mattress and a dead partner.