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Diversity thrift and Furbish thrift have a good furniture selection. Family Thrift sometimes has nice stuff like Article at reasonable prices. IKEA mattresses are nice.


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Different branches of the Y have different pool hours. I go to a few different locations and you just have to make a reservation for your time slot. Lots of times all day all week.


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Siamese parent here. I adopted my kitty as an adult cat from a rescue organization-poor thing was a stray. But while I was looking, I saw a few Siamese kittens at the usual places like SPCA and RAL, etc. They are not normal cats-this is not necessarily a bad thing and why I love them. They’re very loving and loyal but can be loud as hell and are very smart and opinionated. Seconding what gentleghost said.


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Reply to Wednesdaily by stickynohte

Lunch was romaine lettuce, a microwave breakfast sammich, and an apple with peanut butter. Not classy, but functional. Breakfast however was delicious and functional too. Fancy oatmeal with butter, brown sugar and sunflower seeds. Added chia seeds for the first time. Smart move.


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Reply to Best cocktails? by Swrdmn

I had the best cocktail I’ve ever had in Richmond at the Mantu. It was a gin and tonic situation using Hendricks, pomegranate juice, mint and some other stuff.


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Reply to Bra Fitting by WellsCM

Blythe was ok with fitting, but got real rude when I didn’t want beige-apparently there was no black, colors or patterns in the large sizes. Soma was helpful as was Nordstrom but that’s not a thing anymore.