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“In addition, the Smiley staffers were unaware the company had been fined tens of millions of dollars for environmental, labor, and health violations by federal and state agencies.

According to the database, Florida Power & Light/NextEra has been fined in excess of $30 million.

But more recently, the energy company has been alleged to have committed election violations and has poured tens of millions in support of GOP candidates in an effort to block environmental legislation, specifically efforts to promote renewables.”


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Don’t try and straw man me. I’m an anonymous stranger on the internet. You know nothing about me. Don’t project your gentrifier’s guilt on other people. Look inside and face what you are.

You are clearly not “as liberal as they come”. Just another NIMBY that wants the problem pushed to a place where they don’t have to see it everyday.


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I’m not saying AS220 doesn’t still do good work - they certainly do. They’re just not as grass roots and altruistic as the once were.

If you watch the video the guy from Bintimani posted, he’s main issue is that AS220 treated them like a business. He says AS220 has a responsibility to help marginalized communities, and then deciding not to host Bintimani pop-ups anymore is a direct act of aggression against a oppressed communities by the “non-profit industrial complex”

I’m really just pointing out how much AS220 has changed and that people shouldn’t expect the same level of altruism they once had.