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I would add that over time as the window is opened and closed lead dust can build up on the sills and baseboards as it is worn down through use.

When I was with early intervention we recommended peopke wash sills and baseboards with a cleaning solution high in phosphates, such as Spic N Span or automatic dishwasher powdered soap. You mix ¼ cup to 1 gallon warm water, and wear rubber gloves while cleaning. Wipe surfaces with the phosphate solution, then rinse with clean water. Change water in buckets for each room or as necessary, and pour water down toilet.


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You should check out the valley of the temples in Agrigento Sicily. There is a Parthenon-like structure there that’s in better shape along with seven other Greek structures from around 450bc.

valley of the temples


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Depends on the country and what you plan to do while you are there. Most countries in the EU have treaties with the US that allow US citizens to go there as tourists without getting a travel visa. How long you can stay depends on the country. Students are usually required to get a student visa. Workers are usually required to have workers visas in most countries.

Since the 90s (I think) dual citizenship has been possible for US citizens, meaning you don’t have to give up your US passport in order to also become an Italian citizen, for example. I am eligible to obtain Italian citizenship so when I file and receive recognition by Italy I will have two passports.

There are also rights we have via treaty like the ability to own property or start a business. Again this varies by country.

Keep in mind that US citizens living abroad still pay federal income tax to the US.


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I’ll be back with a link, (I know this isn’t truly ELI5, but it is actually research) but I read a study this week that connects ruminating thoughts with dysfunctional messaging from the enteric nervous system. TBH it was really difficult for this non-scientist to understand so maybe someone can interpret it? Brb

Highly ruminative individuals with depression exhibit abnormalities in the neural processing of gastric interoception


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Wouldn’t a leaking water line also be creating pools of water in the flooring? With other homes in the neighborhood experiencing similar problems, I’d look at water coming from below, particularly if OP’s house is built on a slab. If the entire street was built at the same time chances are the slabs were all poured with the same materials.