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A non citizen can get a drivers license. Only a citizen can get a real ID. It will be (in a few years) needed for domestic air travel. A regular driver’s license will no longer suffice. Or you will need a passport. However if you plan on moving to a new state you will need to go through the real ID process in the new state. It is not automatically given. Also, you need a lot of info. Expect to be sent home at least once. Demand a slip that says you can come back in thirty days. It is a monumental PITA.


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The Visiting Nurses of Somerset Hills (used to be VNA, now AVN because Atlantic health bought them after 100 years) runs a twice annual rummage sale. It has occurred in Far Hills for 100 years this sale. It will be in April to donate and May for the three day sale. It is also done in September for the October sale. The book barn has three rooms plus the outside area. The entire sale is about two to three football fields in size. You should come shop. If you want to spend 25% more, you can shop on the Thursday from the friends and family. You would need a wristband from a volunteer to be able to do that though.


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You need to have the people who live there buy into it that developing the library is good for them. I agree that it would be, but gate keeping will not make the residents of other cities want to help. They need to create a multi county library system of the local towns there. The systems are out there for their librarians to use and get up and running.


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Campaign signs are just trash. Last election the right of way near my home had over 1000 signs (someone on the local mom board counted). It got brought up at the town meeting and caused a huge fight. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and this time there are six signs in the right of way.