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The breakdown of aspargusic acid into sulphur products that readily evaporate. Sone people can't smell the smell and some people can't make the smell. Both genetic markers


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No, but there are better and worse carbohydrates. Unprocessed whole grains are probably fine to eat to your hearts content, partly because your heart will likely be content off far less, ha.


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It's literally, like, half of how youre alive? In a living thing it's called catabolism. It's the opposite of anabolism. Together they form metabolism

The hardest class for most people to get a biology degree is organic chemistry. It is mostly just memorizing reactions and being able to put them together and get from starting point x to ending point y.

Most everybody at some point learns


There are boundless reams of studies on just that one concept


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You should bring your theories to a professional counselor and share them. Some sort of therapist or psychologist would be best positioned to take action on your special knowledge and insights and help you advance society in line with your vision.