luciusDaerth t1_ixmfwro wrote

I will say, I like the way these playlists don't pull from your existing preferences. This addresses one of my main issues with spofity- that it'll put you into a musical rut recommending mostly what you're already listening to. I have a pretty broad music taste, so this helps a ton.

I've made a handful of playlists since my prior comment(s) and they have a few songs I already knew, but had a good amount of fresh songs I hadn't heard that fit nicely. I've been making spotify playlists for years and this is a good jumping off point for a new one. Spits out a 3 hour playlist of a given vibe with some cool customization options.

New playlists I make might just go through groovifi and then be enhanced by spotify and curated by me. Very into the BPM option, next one will be a high bpm running playlist of obscure metal.