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I can’t tell you since as I stated in the comment I do not know Brazilian politics and as such did not comment on any of it. I said based on you accusing another Brazilian of being an American, and uninformed, I wanted to see if you were farming downvotes, and was left with what I described above. I’m not saying you’re not Brazilian, as you could be of the 4% of Spanish speaking Brazilians, what I was saying was you were quick to accuse another Brazilian of being “clueless” about their own politics and it seemed likely you were the foreigner making false claims about another’s political system. If I’m wrong then I apologize, if not then you know already.


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The North wanted to conquer all of South Korea, it invaded to do as much. The UN was defending a sovereign nation from being invaded. Go live in North Korea and see if you enjoy your time there, instead of South Korea, such a horrible fate that befell upon them by the big bad US. /s If you couldn’t tell. The line was also agreed upon by both the US and the USSR. Unless of course you’re implying the USSR had to bend to the will of the United States and accept such a divide. I’m sure based on what you’ve been saying that’s what you meant. The line was meant to be a temporary measure, but the Cold War prolonged that and know here we are 77 years later. After this response if you reply back with willfully incorrect history or outright lies I will ignore it.


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You post often condemning the US and other “capitalist” countires and praise the USSR, China, and North Korea, and openly make false statements such as this one, tell me how you think north Korea invading the south was not the first punch. The whole reason there was two in the first place was under Japanese occupation it got invaded by the USSR and the US on both sides. And the only reason there’s two now is China didn’t allow North Korea to get conquered. So if you wanna go back further to prove it then you can’t blame solely the US. Please do not respond with communist or North Korean apologetics, you cannot tell me in good faith North Korea is in any realm better than the south. I feel for the people forced to live in that nightmare.

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I’m an American, so I won’t pretend to understand the political system in Brazil very well but I wanted to see if he was a downvote karma whore or if he had any penchant for going off about Lula or bad mouthing the US and I’m not sure if he even is Brazilian himself. He posts very frequently in Chilean and Peruvian subreddits, and comments in Spanish and not Portuguese. Funny that he judges Americans for not knowing Brazilian politics when he isn’t even Brazilian himself and also apparently doesn’t know.

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