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As others have gently mentioned, the feelings you’re going through here—first growing super attached too quickly, then freaking out about a lull in contact, and finally writing this comment trying to shift some of the blame for your behavior to the other person—are textbook indications that you may have some unresolved abandonment trauma to work through. And that is something you can work on with a therapist, if you want to avoid repeating this cycle with others you click with in the future.


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If you genuinely consider “I should give a homeless man a sandwich containing feces” to be a “dream” that you can be “brave enough” to act out—rather than an “intrusive thought” that you know better than to ever act on, because it’s abhorrent—then I deeply pity you.

Society would be so much better off if people like this asshole never stepped outside their home, much less held positions of power.


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This title would be a perfect use case for em dashes.

> Researchers have found that the cells of people who were conceived during the Great Depression—which lasted from 1929 to 1939 and, at its height, saw about 25% of the US workforce unemployed—show signs of accelerated aging.


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Jesus Christ. If you break your arm, does your mom convince you that you don’t need to go to the hospital because someone else broke both their arms, so it could be worse?

Your mom relying on you like a friend rather than actually parenting you, and minimizing your very real problems (not enough drinking water!! being baited into a suicide attempt!!) growing up in that household as if they’re no big deal, is manipulative as hell.