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Definitely a pricey region. Your dollar doesn’t go as far as other metros. Condos? HOAs will get ya though. Renton, Kent, White Center, Shoreline, Lynnwood, etc all have homes for definitely less than 1m… not sure what more you want out of this post. DINK here and we own but know if anything were to happen and we split I probably wouldn’t live in this metro to buy a home on my own. Doable, outside of Seattle +Bellevue just wouldn’t want to.


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You must be looking in specific areas or have specific rare or numerous requirements because the entire state of WA is not completely full with every single house at a million. You need to widen your search.


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I would only vote support for this IF: it was in-office use only, not for external pharmacy fill or use at home. Doors security present. Taxpayer money did not fund it. Administering in a session was done with and monitored by a licensed therapist or professional, not a tech or self proclaimed expert. There were medical physicians to take vitals and respond to any situations. No walk ins or self referrals, or self diagnoses- must be referred by a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist. Patients were expected to handle themselves maturely on social media etc. Taking psych meds isn’t something a lot of people are open/bragging about. But I feel like people would just brag about this. “Yoooo bruuuhhhh no CAP my shroom sesh was straight BUSSIN” 🙄


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Literally everywhere has its trade offs. ~Oct-July is cool and wet. This year has been colder and snowier already than it normally is, and we had a major ice storm that sent the region into a shitshow frenzy. Wrecks all over the place, airport turns to madness (it usually is anyway), mountain passes close but there’s huge pile ups. Seattle and metro has a LOT of hills making navigation really dicey and dangerous. But It does stay green in winters especially since we are the Evergreen State - with so much coniferous growth in our landscape. Also, ~July-Oct is intense sun, heat, drought and wildfire season come fall. 2021 we had a deadly heatwave. Last summer 2022 we broke records for days 90F or over. The region is catching up with new builds but barely half of people have air conditioned homes. All the greenery ends up looking so limp, dull and thirsty, and grass gets burned to a crisp in very dry summers. Get choked out by smoky poor air quality towards the end, like we did for nearly 2 months last Sept-Oct. I “fear” that time of year because the smoke can make you feel like absolute garbage. The Olympic Peninsula, way West region of the state, is a temperate rainforest and stays the greenest. East of the Cascade range in Eastern WA is a completely different climate than Seattle/Puget Sound. That said, I grew up in the Midwest though so not as cold or snowy is appreciated.


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Yes. Developing a full, involved care team and whole person approach will always be the best health plan for anyone. Therapist, psychiatrist, physician, registered dietician, individual case specialists, support system.


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The whole state does not look like this. There’s lots of mossy trees and ferns in forested areas but not to the extent of the lush Olympic Peninsula (Westernmost land of WA, touching the Pacific). That region is considered temperate rain forest. Also, East of the Cascade mountain range is completely different climate and landscape. Our Puget Sound/Seattle summers have been so hot and dry that everything ends up looking so thirsty and brown, grasses burned to a crisp. Though, WA is the “Evergreen State” and does stay green throughout winters too with so much coniferous growth.


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Cobain gets all the praise while he owed SO much to Melvins + Buzz Osborne out there who receive little widespread/common knowledge credit for what Nirvana became. Also, for being so obsessed with Nirvana/Cobain, and “come as you are” façade, Seattle is the most overanalytical, judgmental region I have lived in.


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From the Midwest… we watched it every year growing up. Just quintessential Thanksgiving tradition coziness I guess and usually it’s a distraction from everything else going on food prep wise in the home maybe, and just nice/harmless to have on with relatives or company, regardless.


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Psychosomatic? And why now? Again, it’s certainly “on trend.” 10+ years ago were people saying the same? Definitely not downplaying real symptoms but just because patients come in mentioning a symptom doesn’t mean it’s always what they think it is. There’s so much mis/overdiagnosis or self diagnosis happening now. And a LOT can affect the digestive system. Stress, anxiety, alcohol, meds, hydration, hormones, activity levels, fiber/lack there of, family history, plus a lot more. Also, maybe different types of the same food or how it’s prepared makes a difference to someone (as it does for me and my lab tested allergies) A gastroenterologist and allergists would be the best to consult to dig deeper.


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….and…..? Gluten is just the naturally occurring protein in certain grains. It’s nutrient rich and protein packed. There’s nothing bad about it whatsoever, in moderation of course like everything else, unless you have Celiac’s. Too bad the word alone has been demonized due to fad diets.


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Yup… Seattle here too. I LOATHE fire season…like this past end of summer into fall Sept-Oct with all the fires burning in our region and the AQI was in the 100’s and 200’s for well over a month, nearly two- some days clocking the worst in the world. And 2020 similar smoke intensity. But what absolutely stymies me is the lack of awareness and precautions people actually take. The sky can be murky heavy smog with limited visibility, everything a thick smoky gray to the point you can’t even see the tops of buildings yet people of all ages and activities just carry on. Announcements are made on the news yet people just don’t care. Masks became such a highly controversial topic but it sucks that more people won’t use N95s (or better) but too many just think “eh, no big deal I’ll be fine.” Or “my kids are healthy.” While people continue to work and exercise outdoors, not even half the population has AC in their homes, These worsening fire seasons would be one hinge on me moving out away from the West. Poor AQI is hazardous to everyone, whether they accept it or not. I know for sure it makes me feel like garbage!


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I completely agree with all of you that exercise is incredibly helpful but I also believe that we need a couple or multiple “tools” in the box to use for centering/grounding/peace. Because we aren’t always going to have the ability to hit the gym or go for a distance run sometimes (sick, injured, no gym access, poor weather, spending important quality time with loved ones, travel, etc whatever the case may be that’s restrictive)- so instead of being anxious because you can’t do the one anxiety-reducing activity, more skills are developed to select a different mind calming activity that’s helpful. You know? I checked myself on this years back when I began to recognize I felt super out of sorts and emotional when I couldn’t exercise - that’s when I had to reevaluate and pull back so I wasn’t “addicted” because I realized I had “relied” on the gym to be there for me as The Best outlet. I still work out absolutely. But I use the gym plus other movement (like even yard work, dancing, yoga and stretching, going for a walk with a friend, bike rides with my SO, etc) along with mixed meditation, music therapy, +++ and am much happier, less anxious and more involved in life instead of seeking refuge in the gym. (not saying your experiences are mine!!) Just my 2c.


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So help me out. 1) you had to dig into my comment or post history to find a way to jab at me? Who says because I’ve dealt with depression and mental illness in my history that it defines me now? Pretty judgmental and presumptive of you. And a week later and now you express your butthurt rebuttal? 2) “Cringe” is technically/grammatically a verb or noun. “Cringey” or “Cringeworthy” are adjectives. “Cringe” is improper but new slang. So “cringy” or “cringey” are absolutely valid and correct. Do your own research. 3) Why can I not have an opinion and/or agree with another commenter? So you feel that only your echo chamber or people that jive with you can say anything? I guess that computes.