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We can't use ANY hammer drill on stone tops, the many repeated impacts will eventually cause failure in the material. Some may work, most won't. Quartz is made up of about 93% natural Quartz chips, and the rest an epoxy binder resin. It's heated and pressed together in a huge line, and when cooled is extremely durable, but if you start creating point heat/impacts nearing the manufacturing process, all bets are off.


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Ok, you don't want to try from underneath! You can easily locate the hole that you want to use from underneath, and transfer your measurements to the top. Cover the top area w/ blue tape so you can make marks. All of the holes should be on an even number measurement, MOST are 4" center to center. So locate the center of the faucet hole from underneath, by using the very back of the circle, that's the center. Now measure to the center of the hole you want to use. I would guess it will be 8" or 12". With that measurement, go up top and find the center of your faucet at the back of it, and measure to the center of where you want the new hole. So now you have the side to side located. The front to back is simply the same distance from the wall as the center of the faucet, 90 degrees from where the center is on the back. The quartz is NOT friendly on ANY drill bit! I believe HD has a diamond tipped line that I made work, but you might need 2. Go at least 1 size larger than the minimum, the flange will give you plenty of wiggle room. Source: am countertop guy, that builds as a hobby.


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My SIL is a 6' tall blonde, blue eyes, and married a 6'6" D1 defensive end, whi is a POC. Their first child is a boy who shot up to 6'9" and became interested in basketball. The youngest daughter grew to 6' and played basketball. The middle daughter is also 6', but went for volleyball. They are all light skin with big hair. The 2 that played basketball into college were very much into the black culture, while the volleyball player isn't. Just interesting to see how the different sports influences the person.