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It's probably usually some rank and file employee making an honest mistake and the higher ups realizing they can't scapegoat the person because the company/org doesn't have proper controls in place.

That said... If I ever forget a comma in a config file and shut down a hospital, crash a plane, or detonate the strategic nuclear reserves I would hope the court of public opinion would look at the severity of the error itself vs the crazy consequences that can spiral from there... Before they drag out the crosses to personally crucify me.

These are really complex systems and we're finding new stupid ways to break them every day.


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** "crime"

> Releasing a bunch of violent criminals from federal prisons has lead to skyrocketing crime

The truth: Biden pardoned anyone in federal prison for pure pot possession and urged governors to do the same.

but you tie that to something like bail reform and mention a few anecdotes they heard from a friend of a friend that the cops went to the same 3 times in one night because a dude was beating his wife and "they couldn't do anything"

It's annoying how they'll cherry pick half truths and tie it to their emotions.


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Your argument doesn't really make any sense.aybe in an ideal world the headline would say something like "snagged and dragged".. but that's not the world we live in.

He got dragged. The headline is accurate and the minute manipulation is to get you to click the article to get the rest of the details.

It's pretty mundane and this is a silly hill to die on.


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That's the problem with having a gun handy in a confrontation. When you reach for it, either it's checkmate! and you kill/injure an unarmed person.. or you find yourself in the middle of a shoot out.

It's so easy to go, "well my gun makes me 3 feet taller and scary!"