lycheedorito t1_j7556hw wrote

You can already catch ChatGPT responses on Reddit, ArtStation recently had been flooded with AI art... They now have a filter but it doesn't catch people being fraudulent about authenticity. Both of these things make me less inclined to engage or care. I suppose if you are completely unaware of it you might not notice, but people who are aware do. Is the idea that we'll all just tell AI to respond to everything for us, so we're just proxies for artificial conversation?


lycheedorito t1_j754icl wrote

It won't replace artists either. Like chat, it gets shit wrong, it doesn't understand what it's making, you still need artists who understand art to curate and fix things at the very least, every time I explain this it feels like I'm talking to a wall which is not surprising. Probably the same for writing, or music, or whatever.