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I will be in DC Jan 2-4 and could reasonably decide one of those days to just do tours. But with their current responsiveness I wasn’t sure it’d be possible to jam them all in there.


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I’ve been looking at the Apollo and I really love it. I will say I was a bit turned off by the news coverage about crime on H Street Corridor. I know a lot of that can be hysteria but it did seem like there was something to it.


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They’ve been incredibly flaky for me. West Half, Dock79, 1221 Van, and Foundry Lofts have all flaked on tours with no notice or follow up.

I can wait to visit in person if I absolutely must but I would need to visit all of them in 1 day and their responsiveness is not exactly encouraging.

I honestly just expected better service from apartments that label themselves as ‘luxury’


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Definitely will not be doing that. A live video tour is the absolute least I want. Unfortunately I’m moving for work that starts very soon so live video tours are my only option really at this point.


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View out of the window, a lot of virtual tours do not show the exact unit or even the exact layout, get a better feel for the amount of space.

I’m moving from NYC and I would never sign for an apartment I have not seen live for many reasons. And in these ‘luxury’ apartments that should not be a problem.