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I carried an old credit card that I had cut out places for my car and house key for years and had used it way to many times. I showed it to a coworker who made his own and around a year later had his wallet stolen. The thieves now not only had his credit cards and money, but his address and access to his house. He was able to change the house door locks before they used them. After that I stopped carrying it and started paying attention before I left the house.


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Bullying doesn't magically stop at a certain age, it continues throughout their lives to some extent. It might be contained to their families or jobs. It doesn't stop until they are confronted by a bigger bully than themselves and even that is no guarantee that they will quit.


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I had a similar situation when I ordered my 12PM. I had to track it to the UPS shipping center and wait almost an hour for them (one very kind lady) to find it. Once she did the box was beat up and held together with scotch tape and didn't feel heavy enough for a phone to be inside it. She suggested that I open it in front of her so I did and it was empty. She called for the manager to come down and he was pissed off at her for wasting over an hour with one person. He told me that he would look into it and get back to me which I thought was a simple way for him to tell me to fuck off and let the lady get back to work.

I insisted/demanded on getting names, phone numbers and what he was going to do to find my phone. I called the Apple card people to put a stop on the payment which for some unknown reason(s) is next to impossible when you are paying yourself. Apple didn't want to put a stop on it because UPS said that it was delivered while they knew that it wasn't. UPS was a nightmare of we found it, no we didn't, yes we did, no we didn't. It took three months to resolve it and get the phone. I learned that there were a number of iPhones that disappeared (UPS refused to release actual numbers) from that location. I like the way Apple presents their products, but I think that they should do a better job of packing the ones that they ship


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When someone dies unexpectedly especially a student you always hear the "he/she was the happiest, friendliest, best this or that etc." person you ever knew. I wonder if any of that was ever said about them whilst they were alive, or that person looking down from whatever is thinking WTF??????