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> unequivocally know that this “different way of causing the same effect” is comparably safe but infinitely more effective

I am far more willing to believe in the opinions of the many experts who have studied the subject in cooperation with each other for years, than I am the half-assed opinions of fear-mongering willful-ignorants whose closest view of a test tube was from mad scientist horror flicks.


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I have a distinct memory of my mother giving me one strong warning to not touch the glowing burners on the electric stove, then watching while I did so anyway. Then reinforcing the lesson with "what did we learn?" while running cold water on the burn.

This kid seems a little too young to get the right lesson, but sometimes kids are just little assholes who won't really learn boundaries until they experience severe enough negative consequences. It's the parents' job to make sure those negative consequences aren't severe enough to cause permanent trauma.