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This company was given multiple warnings and chances by the FDA didn't actually have production halted and FDA recalls mandated until there was a string of illnesses and deaths possibly tied back to formula. The the FDA went there and things the company had been warned of repeatedly still weren't fixed and their being cagey but unsafe levels of contaminants were found.

Then after they reopened the plant got shut down for flooding? I mean how are they building a baby formula plant without effective mitigations for that stuff? There's definitely criminal level negligence going on where FDA rules simply weren't being followed even after the company was repeatedly warned. People should be rightfully angry about the breakdown in the safety process.


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Here's a really good article with more visualization of the differences. You can see how the Silent generation stayed a little longer, but the Boomers started in the Senate earlier and basically still push out GenX ... which got a late start and still are underrepresented. Even Millennials are on the board now. It took ten years between Silent and Boomers being represented. It's sixteen years more before GenX is represented... and only five before Millennials are starting to show up in the Senate. GenX is the 42-57 year olds that just are wiped off the board.