macross1984 t1_jedqd37 wrote

In the article, Russia condemned Kyiv’s push against the UOC as an outrage and a crime.

I have only this to say, "F*ck you Russia. You have no f*cken right to complain when you have committed war crime and crime against humanity."

Be happy Ukraine have not closed down all orthodox church and expelled all priests back to Russia.


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Russia was broken even before Putin corrupted it even further. He could have reversed or at least slowed down degradation of military had he bothered to clean out incompetent superiors but of course, like all true despot, he concentrated instead to enrich himself with wealth and power as well as surrounding himself with yes-man who only told him what he wanted to hear.

The result speak for itself.


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China is realizing its recent actions have soured foreign investors and firms from investing in China.

If anyone have been following China's business strategy it is wise for any individual investor and firms to be very wary or you may end up losing your money and intellectual properties because China will not allow profits to be transferred out of the country.

During Covid crisis, Moderna was willing to sell China its m-RNA vaccines but China "requested" Moderna turn over its core intellectual property if Moderna want to do business in China.

Moderna would have profited handsomely short term had it agreed to Chinese demand but refused.


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With greater percentages of profit going into shareholder and upper management, perhaps it is time for German companies to learn to spread its wealth littler wider at the expense of upper class who already have more than enough money to make ends meet.

The benefit here will be people will have more disposable income which in turn will stimulate economy.