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I agree with you. I was reading about ELIZA, populary considered the first AI bot in 1965 or something and you can google it and try it out. It's obviously very basic by today's standards but apparently, people who tried it back then considered it very human.

If reddit was available then, this group would be shitting their pants that AGI would be coming around 1970 or 1980 by the latest.

It's possible that in 50 years, we'd be as closer and chatgpt will be look as ancient as eliza, but we'd still won't be near. Also, future people will look at us as excited caveman thinking chatgpt in any way resembles intelligence the same way eliza obvi doesn't to me.


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As a non-programmer, i tried asking it to change one small addition to an indicator in tradingview and i had to keep giving it the errors i got and did additional searches on google until i figured it out. At the end, all i changed was just two lines of code and it took me a long time.

Basically, what i mean is that the person giving the prompts already needs to have some programming knowledge to get help.

Even if it becomes more advanced, i bet you'd need workers to know how to give it prompts (or have unique ai prompters as a new position) to get the best outcome.

I think it's true for ai art. I see great ai art online but when i do it, it usually comes out far worse. It's when i realize that if they are going to replace some lower level cheap artist, they'd still need some ai art prompter to know what keywords to give it and what filter to use to get the best art, and you'd also probably need some other person to actually sort through the outputs to see which best fits their needs.

For those basic stock pictures, it doesn't really change much. Imagine if an outlets is rushing out articles, and they write one on how drinking water is healthy and they need an imagine of a woman drinking water. Seems cheaper and easier to just choose one with their stock images subscription.

And if they need something really unique and special for a main product, they can't just let some middle manager type a prompt and use that. They have to call the prompt guy (or maybe more realistically, they'll outsource it to an ai generator company who has humans that receive what the company needs, they then do the promoting, choosing the best, and editing it to provide them the image that fits their needs.

Basically, for every job they do away with, they'll just create a new human need.


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>It was posted 3 minutes before the timestamp on the cctv but if you're ignoring that, fine.

Bs, you guys just believe whatever you read. No one in the world has ever engaged in a false flag (specially one as risky as this, which would collapse the state since they are supposedly attacking the people on their side) and made sure to involve poster designers in their super secret plan. I really don't understand why you guys don't have critical thinking abilities.

>But an attack on shahcheragh, collapse of the rest of metropol, and a deadly factory explosion all on the 40th of mahsa seems normal to you?

Things happen every day and everyday can be framed as important. If it happened on Saturday, you'd claim it was because of Cyrus Day.

And terrorists attack to create instability, that's basically their whole objective.

>A guy with a huge gun just walks in a place where they search you harder than an airport?

It's not harder than an airport first of all, like at all, not even close. Second of all, you can see in the video that they killed the security. Third of all, you don't think there has been terrorist attacks in an airport in other countries? How about the 911 attacks, how did that happen? Finally, how about our own country. There has been terrorist attacks in much more secure places. Don't you remember a few years ago where they attacked a military parade. You think a military parade has less security forces than a religious shrine with a bored security guard that is seeing hundreds of people walking in everyday for years??



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Typical twitter bs. According to the regime change twitter guys, Iran did a false flag terrorist action on their own shrine and made sure to tell some kids on some random telegram channel to make a simple condolences poster beforehand?

Like how many people were told of this conspiracy for even the Photoshop kids to be told of it before hand? And for what exactly? I saw the poster, designing it takes more than 10 mins to make. Where they so desperate to save 10 minutes that they'd risk their whole operation?