madpiratebippy t1_ixe9w4w wrote

Honestly I buy my expensive shoes on eBay.

If someone else wants to let go of a pair of Allan Edmonds for $50, instead of me spending $400 in the store /!; they’re a buy it for life brand? That’s where I go.

I buy a lot of buy it for life brand stuff used. Some folks like the brand recognition without understanding why the brand is popular and they tend to get rid of the stuff well before it’s used up.

Try it on to get the size perfect at the store than make an alert for exactly what you want on eBay.

I think red wing work boots might be your best bet, and I see them used on eBay with some regularity.


madpiratebippy t1_iru05np wrote

Not really.

Metal was very expensive and used sparingly and only where absolutely needed. Nails were all hand forged and expensive as well so lots of other joinery was used instead. In most castles the only metal/locking door was for the pantry where spices were stored since they were small and easy to steal and resell.

Metal plates weren’t a thing until well after industrialization and frankly aren’t much use vs cannons, which is what made your standard fortified castles obsolete.