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Yes. Panels are already being recycled. But with a 30-40 year+ lifetime we don't have to worry too much about that right now. It's just yet another right-wing anti-renewables talking point to muddy the waters and justify more obstruction of progress.


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Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, a massive clean energy and electric vehicle bill passed by congress and signed into law last August, is much, much more than just a greenhouse gas emissions reduction policy.

The genius of the bill was incorporation of industrial policy to incentivize the growth of US domestic supply chains for everything from batteries to electric vehicles to solar panels. So far the response from industry has been almost breathtaking with a flurry of new factory announcements, tens of billions of dollars in new manufacturing investments and 100,000 new jobs so far. The ultimate goal is re-industrializion of the US economy and millions of new good paying middle class and whit collar jobs.


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This is great news. Both the US and the EU risk becoming dependent on China for the technologies of the next century. The inflation Reduction Act and recent Biden executive actions aim to renew the US solar industry. It's great to see the EU also responding. I would love to also see cooperation between the two.