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It may not be super cutting edge tech, but it's far from perfected. There are still lots of potential serious complications from this "minimally invasive" procedure.

While the risks may be worth it for many, I don't think minimizing the risks is very responsible. The nervous system is very complex and for all of our knowledge, we're still stabbing in the dark a lot of the time.


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Macbook Pros are the best laptop you can buy, but for 99% of the global population a PC is going to make way more sense.

I work with devs in a lot of different countries where a Macbook costs like 3 months average salary, and the idea that everyone should get a Mac to do design work makes zero sense and always struck me as very elitist/status symbol. I abhorred the Mac as industry design standard back in the day and having to use Sketch. Young professionals and college kids pirated Photoshop forever because they were broke. Now everyone needs a $2000+ laptop just to for design work? Fuck that!

All you're telling me is that rich people buy Macbooks and that young people in those industries are status conscious. Most young people should be buying cheap Android phones, but the majority buy $1000 iPhones. People aren't logical.


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Google integrates better with Windows. I have my Google Drive on my PC and a lot of Google stuff is Chrome/browser based vs proprietary app based iOS stuff. I use Chrome, Gmail, and Google Maps. If I want to transfer files to my PC, I just plug in a USB cable.

I also don't like the iCloud, iTunes interface. I already have like 50 programs I have to use every day, I don't need an Apple specific GUI especially since there are no iOS apps or programs I ever need. iOS Sketch for web design used to be pretty cool, but it wasn't available for PC. Now everyone is using Figma because it's system agnostic and browser based as well.

Mac makes great hardware, but not enough for the hassle of using it and the cost. Phones outlast security updates anyway. I could see getting a Macbook Pro because they last forever, but I'd be using Boot Camp to stick Windows on it.