magicmulder t1_je2islv wrote

Although I’m someone who always takes his hobbies to the extreme (my homelab rivals my employer’s server room, my bicycle is a tricked out carbon time trial etc.), I somehow managed to reach my endgame with only my second mechanical keeb (Idobao ID87 Crystal with Durock Shrimps). I just haven’t found the perfect keys yet, still have some MT3 sets in different colors I want to try.


magicmulder t1_isymdhr wrote

Two office days (IT work) per week (keyboard B) plus three home office days (keyboard A), 8 hours each. Plus about 1-2 hours gaming every other day (also A) and a total of 4-6 hours per weekend (A).

I take B to the office and back because it’s light and I don’t want to risk it getting stolen.

A is a heavy TKL (Idobao ID87 Crystal, Durock Shrimps), B a light 96% (Tofu 96, Gateron Yellow).