magicseadog t1_jaya57d wrote

I guess you don't understand how laws and courts work? Judges can't let people off because they are sympathetic with their cause. They adjudicate on the law. These people are not even helping to fight climate change. Climate change needs work and ingenuity to solve.

If these people wanted to do something they would go study and then help, rather than inconvienncing those of us who are working on solutions and destroying art.


magicseadog t1_j1z9em1 wrote

The wild part to me is that exchanges seem to be the easiest way to launder money. It's easy to track money in wallets until it hits an exchange and if that exchange is outside your jurisdiction...

Isn't that wild. That the formal trading place is easiest way to launder?

Also the 2nd largest exchange ftx was basically breaking all the finance laws we have, I think it's fair to say it's an industry wide problem.

Personally I wouldn't mind a huge government crackdown. People could still use distributed ledger technology but the whole crypto as money thing is just scams, fraud and illegal activity and doesn't seem to be serving society.