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Yeah I'd see what they say. I've had an apartment do renovations for a week while I was living in it and they put me up in a hotel that was paid for and also gave me free rent for the month. Didn't call OTA because I was satisfied with that but a month is a long time to be out of your apartment.


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Vacating for a whole month seems like a lot...they don't have another unit they can put you in for your extreme inconvenience? I don't know what if anything can be done but I would def call the OTA because a month is a lot. And I'd hope they're paying for any expenses as well.


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You "don't care what it's about"? Sometimes there are like...white supremacists "protesting", you really want to join something like that? Think about an issue you actually care about, look up groups that advocate for that, and follow their social media. A lot of times they post about protests there.


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28F and it's the same as it ever was for me. Hinge is kind of weird though and has never been like Tinder/Bumble for me where you get a million likes a day but obviously they have a low like limit.

I've also found winter to be slow time for dating. Things pick up a ton when spring/summer come around.


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I’m supposed to come back to Baltimore from Dallas tomorrow night but I doubt that flight is happening so I booked an American Airlines flight on Friday as a backup. Thankfully I’m at my mom’s house so being stuck here an extra couple days isn’t the worst thing but I feel for everyone who needs to get back. This entire thing is such a shitshow. I had a bad feeling when I flew to Dallas and saw the mess the Southwest terminal was in BWI last week.


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It’s like 60ish bucks per person for all you can eat meat and sides (at dinner - might be cheaper during lunch or brunch). It’s fine, I’ve been before but not really a must go. It’s a chain restaurant with a bunch of locations so if you can’t go to the one here there are plenty more across the country to go to.


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I mean what conversation is there even to be had at this point? It seems like every talking point has been exhausted. I don't personally have all the answers, I don't know what the best thing to do is. I think we can certainly do better than the status quo but I'm particularly unconvinced that we can incarcerate our way into less crime. Ultimately from my perspective as someone who has been a victim of crime, I don't want their lives ruined over it but I also don't want them to do it or any other crimes again and I don't know what the solution is, but I don't think locking them up for the next 20 years solves the issue either.


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Texas and Louisiana. Absolute disasters. Texas is especially a facade of what people think is being run well because people are moving there because it’s “cheap” (hardly anymore) and Louisiana is a disaster in every aspect.

Majority of my family lives in the Deep South (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama). They’re beautiful states that have been actively destroyed, probably beyond repair, by the Republican governments. DC is good and can and should be a lot better, and there’s at least hope that it actually can improve in the way that it needs to. Republicans don’t believe government should exist let alone exist to improve anyone’s lives and they’ll continue to make every red state worse than it was when the last person left. The only reason why Hogan couldn’t do more damage in Maryland (though he was actively hostile to Baltimore — which is a place that is actually run poorly) is because he was constrained by the Dem supermajority in the legislature and Youngkin is similarly constrained by not having a majority in both chambers in VA either.