magosaurus t1_jegsn26 wrote

When I read your title I thought "yeah, right. well let's see if he has anything to say".

Then I quickly realized you were speaking some deep truths that are unfortunately depressing to think about. You're absolutely right, though.

It seems like most of the ways things could play out are not good for the human race. Feels like we're threading a needle.


magosaurus t1_j9y7n5e wrote

I work in tech as a career software developer and I'm finding that my non-tech friends and relatives seem to have better intuition about the significance of what we're seeing and where things are going. My co-workers seem uninterested and don't get it.

This surprises me and I don't have a satisfying explanation for it.

I think they *think* they know more than they do and are dismissing it based on their prior experience with AI tech. That's my best theory.