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I really like that album with The Mercy Seat. And I like Grinderman. Im 39, my dad got me into Nick Cave like 20 years ago when he took me to visit a college and we listened to it on cassette. Good memory thanks for taking me back there.


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My point is that Arcane is an original story. It’s not an adaptation because it’s not based on an existing story.

It takes place in an existing world but that’s just the setting. The story is what matters.

And thanks for bringing up the Star Wars EU. That’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.They ARE NOT an adaptation of Star Wars. They are stories that take place in the Star Wars universe.

What is an adaptation of Star Wars? The novelization of the movie Star Wars.

Rings of Power isn’t an adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. That would be the movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings.


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So, in a way, on an atomic level I am always choosing the path of least resistance?

Now I’ll prove just how wrong my therapist’s “oppositional defiance” diagnosis was!