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That office is more of a showroom than where actual work gets done. Most of the important projects are built in generic offices with cubicles & fluorescent lights from the 1980s. Apple employees that are privileged enough to work on secret projects, get to work even even more drab conditions. No doughnut office for them.


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Google publishes a lot of papers. PageRank, one of the the original key algorithms for Google search, was released to the public. Unfortunately, this empowered spammers to game the search engine and create link farms & other “gems.” That’s a big reason why they don’t share in that space any longer. Too many people looking to exploit search results by any means necessary.

On other topics, Google has been the sole inspiration for some substantial projects. AI aside, their paper on BigTable (their own product) caused a ton of interest and sparked independent projects like Hadoop, HBase, & Cassandra). The modern way we work with big data is thanks to Google.

In any case, Google has no obligation to give away algorithms or the designs for entire products, yet they often do.


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Running at 120fps means that every single thing you do has to fit with the rest of the game and run in less than 5 milliseconds. Everything is performant by necessity… but only up to a point. You can spend years optimizing every single bit of waste to squeeze as much as you can out of the hardware, but at the end of the day, you have to cut your losses. Does another year of optimizing justify supporting older hardware, that won’t even support the full experience?


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There was an odd period of interest for second life… lasting a week or two. A handful of companies announced that they were “moving in.” I think CNN had a virtual town hall. Retailers were exploring virtual shops.

It didn’t go well. I distinctly remember a live news cast interrupted by an obscenely modeled furry.

It’s almost like nobody had used second life before announcing that they were embracing it.