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Yes ... my gnawing concern is that the people who choose to live and die here will overlook the fact that Avangrid ( the force behind the C.M.P. mask) is one of the world's largest promoters and harvesters of wind energy. It is important to point out that on the one hand, that is "terrific news", but since it will be our geography and resources they will exploit to harvest this energy,  - It is my opinion that if we don't "keep our dog in the fight" - Maine will simply be used and abused.

 Why do I say that, you might ask?  Well, their complete, callous, and maddening disregard for Maine's interests, ideals and treasures as seen in their frenzied bulldozer march to Quebec that ignited our citizens is proof enough. 
Avangrid's teams of international law lawyers that hover threateningly over our courts this very moment, is still more proof for me, that there will be no friendly compromise that will reward Maine's economic and energy future.
And so my current focus on getting Maine to invest in their own energy future. I was inoculated in the 50's and 60's when my dad would come back to the farm from his Senate seat in Augusta to help milk the cows. He would tell us how laws were crafted with the help and guidance of lawyers/lobbyists representing the paper and power companies - how it would be otherwise impossible to be informed enough without them.. Over the years I have witnessed the dual edge of that tool.

Despite being an octogenarian, I remain positive and convinced that playing an active role in Maine's future is our single most important focus.


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" Dedicated winter studded tires on steel wheels are a necessity up here. " No, they aren't !! I live in a rural area and used to commute 30 miles a day over very rural roads -haven't needed nor used snow tires since 1967 !

It's a meme invented by those who must have a decoration to certify their maineness and tire companies.

That said, if it makes you feel better there is no harm except to the wallet - No it isn't the same for studded tires - they should be illegal!

Bring on the wrath !