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Awesome. Funny I got the SP36 first, then shortly after got the IF25a and use it way more. They are great, I am still slightly bitter at Sofirn though, they sent me a message here on reddit a few years ago asking if I wanted free lights in exchange for reviews online. I know tons of companies do this, but it still strikes me wrong.

Convoy are awesome and don't do any of that shady shit, but no sweet firmware and gotta order from China mostly, so slow shipping.


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When I first got the notification on my phone on Thursday I checked our forecast for cloud coverage and it showed near 100%. Then I proceeded to check everywhere within 4 hours drive, ready to get in the car and go for it. Nada, showed fully cloudy everywhere.

Few hours go by, and an extended family member posted a great picture of them up in Palmyra, just an hour away. I was pretty butt hurt.


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I'd recommend to start calling your localish roasters and asking them. Many will sell you green beans. Alternative Happy mug is a very good east coast resource for green beans for a good price.