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So Yoda learn:

The first year, you have 100 Sqm..the second 50 years you have 5000 Sqm and you don't cut the trees...

At the point you die, you have recovered it all, if you take the allowed 3T CO2 per year.

And if you donate your trees to the CO2 protection area the next generation will be happy..


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It is quite simple - the answer to most problems like this is unlimited clean energy

And it doesn't matter how this is achieved

  • renewable
  • Thorium
  • Fusion

Or a mix of all that 3...

It will be Fusion or potentially anti matter in 2050+/2100+

As soon as u have the clean energy u can undo every pollution if u want to. Capture CO2 from air ..

The only question is, how ugly it gets till we have this stage..and what is best way there


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Why on earth are people so sick to make a global desease more toxic?????

The potential of this reaserch is: populations that yet didn't have it are immune naiv to COVID, this that ready had it potentially are mild Ill.

Now look globally who has zero COVID strategy and release the virus...

Fucking shit that was potentially one of the reasons for this reaserch..