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You'll get so much support here, I'm crying already. Our kitty died on my daughter's lap before my wife had reached the end of the first block on the final trip to the vet. My wife just made three more right turns and came back home, where we buried kitty in the back garden, where kitty has been helping to nourish our veggies for about five years now.


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I wonder if it's related to "crows congregating in the city during winter" which I have read may be a response to predators (raptors) out in the countryside. So I wonder if your local flock of gulls has been congregating in a place where a new pair of eagles has set up housekeeping? Wild guess


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In his prime (1960s-80s) Byner was a real live wire in his own right: mercurial, improvisational, mimic, jokester. Importantly though, always "in on the joke." I think he would have nailed the role, filmed before a live audience, but it might have been "Byner, playing Mork." Williams was a whole new alien species of funny, he *was* Mork