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I know! I was kinda shocked how stale their social media accounts are. I mean this is as far as I go for social media but I’d expect something on one of the platforms. Or even spice it up and do a live YouTube feed like the green comet (yes, I admit I was glued to that too)


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YES!! And it wasn’t like just parked to pull over. One car with NH plates was still running so well let that one slide but CT and a few Mass and RI were scattered throughout, cars off, no one to be seen. I legit slowed down to see if I can see a head in the car or if someone was just taking a pic of the sign or something. But NOPE! I think they decided to truly take on Mother Nature


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Yep read the book 3 times. I just can’t seem to fathom some of the things people do and you nailed it “to brag”. I mean some people have to truly swallow their pride and acknowledge when bad is truly fucking bad and to just stay home


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Idiotically me I didn’t even think of this as an issue and planned to walk through Sunday to see what was left up when I get to the area for a ski week.

Thank you for this! (Rescheduling and having me own up to my duhhh moment)


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Great post

As I was driving home (Jackson) I shook my head at all the idiots parked at trail heads

Mainly Connecticut Mass and Rhode Island

Few New Jersey

Few NH stragglers

Now this portion of my comment may get a downvote: I almost wish that rangers or someone will come and ticket these people for their wrecklessness prior to their big SAR bill they get that puts rescuers at big time danger. Maybe that way they can catch the idiots sooner than later. And also ticket those who decide to go on trails wearing crocs and flip flops during “normal” weather 😑🤡🥴🥴