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So I've had the crushers for a while and I listen to them occasionally for some dumb fun. I'm into having white noise while I work but I usually just listen to good old rain noise and all that. I was today years old when I realised there's a WHOLE ASS SUBGENRE FOR PLANE SOUNDS. I'm a pretty big plane person and I love flying so I was like fk it maybe the crushers could add some depth with the weird rumble and I was right.

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH If you have crushers dust them off and do yourself a favour and try it!!!

Edit: I've now tried the same track on all my other headphones to make sure I'm not going insane and the crushers just hit different.


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Angèle - Amour, Haine et Danger

This is a French-Pop song that dropped a few days ago and it's a total earworm. I've been following the creation of this song and it's pretty insane. Angèle posted a tiktok when she first wrote the hook to see if people would be into it. That was on the 11th. Her and her team finished, produced and filmed a nice video and released the song by the 30th. Not to mention this was in the few week break they had between the 2 legs of the world tour! I seriously love it when artists show such insane work ethic. Massive respect!