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Whatcha growin?

My Korean pickling radish and savoyed spinach popped up in yesterday’s warm temps.

I lost a couple broccoli babies the other night because I was too lazy to cover them so I’ll set out replacements today.

We’d love to see your garden progress on r/VAGardening. Come share your success and failures with us so we can all learn.


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There was never good consensus from veterinarians and various extension offices around the country about whether to take feeders or baths down or not. You’ll find many sources promoting both views. I don’t have feeders on site because I’m actively planting natives instead but I do have a bath and plan to add more this year. They get fresh water daily and a good bleach scrub weekly.


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The massive pile of wood chips from ChipDrop is mocking me this morning so that’s what I’m tackling today.

I’ve also been working on befriending a family of crows that live on my property. Today is the first day they came down to feed with me standing nearby. 🖤


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I'm aware that it occurs. I worked in the animal health field for 12 years where I traveled between shelters and veterinary teaching hospitals to help develop relationships between the two groups and assist with the writing of behavior assessment protocols and curricula with help from groups like AVSAB, HSUS, the SPCA, the APDT.

I'm in no way denying the killing of hunting dogs occurs. I'm suggesting that the person I initially responded to has a heavy bias against hunting in general, probably doesn't know a single hunter and the care that many (not all) put into their dogs, and is painting with a stupidly broad brush - and that OP's pooch would be a poor candidate for a hunter to adopt to begin with so their argument against giving the dog to a hunter to begin with is moot.


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This is the second dumbest thing I've seen on the internet today.

But to add some relevance to OP's post...I don't know anyone that hunts with dogs that would take this pooch.

He's unproven as a hunter and given the issues, won't be worth the time to train when there are plenty of other beagle/hound litters from proven lines of trackers to draw from.


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Triangle Rock Climbing, Ashland Skateland, and Jumpology (now DEFY Richmond) were always favorites. We’d also go to the various gymnastics clubs around town when they had Open Gym days.

If we were looking for low-key, low-cost/no-cost options strolling around the greenhouse at local nurseries was and still is a fun thing for us as a family. The VMFA is never a bad option. Odd Balls Collectibles and similar places are a fun nostalgia fest for us and the kids enjoyed all the toys.


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I'm sure it's fairly easy to look up Richmond and other surrounding counties. I happened to have the relevant sections bookmarked for Henrico and Hanover.



The keeping of poultry is allowed as an accessory use to a single-family detached, duplex, or manufactured home dwelling in accordance with the standards in this subsection (see Sec. 24-4302.A, All Animal Husbandry Uses, for standards for keeping poultry as a principal use).

  1. The keeping of poultry is allowed by right only in the A-1, Agricultural District. In the R-0, R-0A, R-1, R-1A, R-2, R-2A, R-3, R-3A, R-4, and R-4A districts, the keeping of poultry accessory to a dwelling is allowed subject to approval of a Conditional Use Permit in accordance with Sec. 24-2308, Conditional Use Permit.
  2. No more than six hens may be kept on the property. Roosters are prohibited.
  3. The hens must be kept within a covered enclosure that includes a coop and an enclosed run. The coop and the enclosed run must have a combined minimum enclosed area of 30 square feet. The enclosure must be located in the rear yard only and must meet a side yard setback of 25 feet and the rear yard setback that applies to the dwelling.


Section 26-298.1. - Keeping of chickens in residential districts.

Notwithstanding any district regulations to the contrary, the keeping of chickens on lots with single-family detached homes within the RS, R-1, R-2, and R-3 districts shall be permitted as an accessory use so long as the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. There shall no more than six (6) female chickens (hens) kept on the property. No male chickens (roosters) are permitted.
  2. All chickens shall be kept within an enclosure on the property. This enclosure shall:
    a. Contain a coop to house the chickens;
    b. Be constructed entirely within the rear yard of the property; and
    c. Be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from all side and rear lot lines.
  3. All areas associated with the keeping of chickens shall be cleaned and made free of waste on a regular basis. Waste associated with the use shall be disposed of in an appropriate waste disposal container that is periodically removed from the site.
  4. The property owner shall employ a means of eliminating any odor problems and propagation of insects related to the use.