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The Olympics are a single event. The World Cup requires you to win repeatedly. You don’t understand the sport at all. Probably never even skied.

Lindsay Vonn doesn’t have a high win rate at the Olympics either. Arguably she would still be GOAT if she hadn’t been injured so much.

Julia Mancuso won an Olympic gold. Heard of her? She never won a single World Cup race, medalled just 7 times. Good skier but not even close to GOAT.


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Carrying your dog means it won’t sniff around and mark. And as soon as one marks, others will want to as well. It’s a sensible precaution unless you want your building to stink.

And before you say “but I am a responsible dog owner”…. ….you might be but it’s the people who are not who are the reason this rule exists.


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Your husband will need to find a job. If he is willing to hustle (two jobs, Uber etc) then he should be able to make enough to get your income up to $100,000. Any less than that and you are going to struggle.