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Canton with less meters above sea have its capital have an elevation of 373m
Canton with more meters above sea have its capital have an elevation of 512m

City with higher elevation in the peninsula: Avila with 1131m
And a lot of cities in the coast.

The diference in elevation is higher in Spain. The same train can (theorically) travel from Avila to the north coast.


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> How in the world did they speedboat from the middle of the Black Sea all the way to the outskirts of Athens?

They stop in the North of Greece. And then they travel in car to Athens.

And other details are you dont paying attention.


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ME? DENIER? You need read more and a better comphension.

Im agains Nuclear Plants. I think that "activist" are stupid. I think that we need do more against Climate Change. And I support real Green Energies, Energies that dont need generate nuclear shit.


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From Nuclear plants in France. Part of the water is returned to rivers. And even if you dont return it, there are other actual problem the input of water is too warn.