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Nope. Phones are fine. It is normal that the battery life should decrease with the option turned on. I have 9 friends over, and we just tested them, and yeah, there is an increase in battery drain which can be clearly seen whilst scrolling safari.

For the record, the battery life on either modes is stellar, but to dismiss the increase in battery consumption while on 120hz is just outright denial. I am still able to get two days worth of battery on 120hz, but then again, I prefer battery life over promotion. To each his own


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Lmfao. Sure, it locks to 60hz? Sure sure lol, no comment. Thanks

Maybe learn to READ before you embarrass yourself more?

Apple’s ProMotion displays can dynamically scale the refresh rates from 10Hz to 120Hz to match the task you’re doing. You can save battery life, to some extent, by limiting the display to 60 frames per second from the “Settings” app. Keep in mind that this option doesn’t turn off or disable the ProMotion technology.


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It DOESN’T lock to 60! It moves from 10 to 60 as opposed to 10 to 120. Just try it yourself and see the difference!

I also thought it was negligible difference until I tried it myself on both my 13 and 14 pro max.

The 14 pro max is a touch better as it drives the screen down to 1hz, but it is still a significant difference, nevertheless.

Stop the YouTube koolaide


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If you are not tied to the Apple ecosystem and do not mind not having iMessage, it is a no brainer, pick the S22 or any android device for that matter.

Wow, go downvote this to death! So many stupid fanboys! Worst of all, I even own an iPhone as I’m in the Apple ecosystem, and was just stating a fact! With that much savings OP, get an android phone and DO NOT be swayed by these morons.


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Huh??? I already have an ultra impact case and not willing to exchange the case for another casetify case which offers lesser protection. I never said I have the controller. I don’t understand your confusion.