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The ozone depletion was largely caused by CFCs. The reason the ozone is healing is a massive worldwide effort to cut the use of CFCs called “the Montreal protocol.“

I’m not sure why you’re bringing deforestation into this. Deforestation is bad, we should stop that too.


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That’s a different multiverse theory where different areas of a potentially infinite cosmos have different laws of physics. I believe the OP is referring to the Everettian multiverse where instead of the wave function collapsing the cosmos “branches” into multiple universe. In this model the laws of physics don’t change.

It rubs people the wrong way for various reasons, mostly because a huge number of universe seems unreasonable.


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Tesla only uses cameras for it's self-driving. [1] This is theoretically possible but actually really difficult to implement in a way where the car "understands" all situations.

Waymo uses cameras, radar and lidar for its self-driving. I think they also use GPS and super-detailed maps. This makes it much easier for Waymo to track the road (from maps) and know the distance to obstacles even if it does not know what the obstacle is.

Basically, Tesla is trying to make a self-driving car that uses only the information available to a human which means their AI has to be way "smarter" than Waymo's.

[1] I think Tesla is adding radar, but I'm not sure about that.