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Avoided for 3 years as a nurse and 5 Moderna shots. Last Sunday took my daughter to a special needs bowling game. Monday the organizer told me she is positive. 2 days later I got low fever, achy, and fatigued. Intermittent cough. No loss of taste or smell. Started Paxlovid Friday due my age and other issues. Feeling much better today but still have an occasional cough and some nasal congestion.

After working around it for so long my biggest concern is long term effects. I’ve seen too many with brain fog and neurological issues post-infection but those were all unvaccinated folks.


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Act locally, act globally. That means do what you can in Maine to reduce carbon emissions, then be sure you are voting for those in the state and national governments to also put the environment first.


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State licensing agencies also sell your information. You can buy the home addresses of every physician, nurse, dietitian, etc who has a license in a state. Physician list is pretty expensive per name.


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I call BS on the bulb being LED. I’ve read multiple books and articles about the production and never heard that a cutting edge light for the time was used. All reports I read were that it was a 12 volt incandescent bulb connected to a battery from a wire running through his leg. Also, it’s pretty clear the light ramps up and down like an incandescent bulb, unlike an LED.


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As a nurse for over 40 I’ve been driven crazy by the lean staffing practices of hospitals. One person calls out and everything gets worse for the remaining nurses. This gets them exhausted and then more likely to get sick. Rinse and repeat.


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People don’t realize how few hospital beds are available day to day. The trick in normal times is to have 80-90% usage. It’s very expensive to have 24-7 staff so you’ll never have hundreds of empty beds standing by. The pandemic destroyed this model as it didn’t take much to overwhelm the system. This was the reason for lockdowns-just an attempt to keep hospitals from being even more overwhelmed.


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Living on the edge of a time zone creates complexities for those who go back and forth over the line. For those not commuting south or west it’s not much of an issue. Maine is both very far east in ET and pretty far north. Portland gets 9 hours of daylight in December and 15.5 hours in June (not counting twilight). December sunrise would be after 8 am which creates its own set of problems. The article points out how going to AT is great for some and not for others.


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People love to come to Maine to camp. They like to start in the left lane as soon as they pass the York tolls.


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Black and White chemical photography is not difficult to do but is longer to master. Finding the film, chemicals, and developer chemicals is getting more difficult and more expensive.

As someone who grew up developing and printing my own photos I know the appeal, particularly in the ability to create larger prints for display. Color chemical photography was too complex and expensive for me even back in the day.